Adventure Sky Rope Activities

Zip Line

Zip Line in Cherai

Ride solo or in tandem, safely harnessed to a pair overhead cables and pulleys. An adrenalin rush is guaranteed as you swoop 50 ft above the water and a scenic landscape, the wind in your face, and dismount at a tower at the end of the line.

Sky Cycle

Sky Cycling in cherai kerala

Harnessed to a safety line ride a bicycle that is tethered to an overhead cable and along another cable strung beneath. The challenge and the accompanying thrill here is to be able to maintain one’s own and the bicycle’s balance in the course of this ride.

Glass Bridge

Glass Bridge in cherai

Release your harness and cross a glass bridge with a view of the ocean on one side and the backwater on the other. The sand beneath your feet is visible and sunsets over the Arabian Sea to the west are special should a guest chose a late afternoon to attempt the challenges.

Log to Log Walk

Log to Log Walk in cherai

An activity where the participant walks across the narrow ends of logs of differing lengths arrayed in a line and tethered to a rope with another rope that serves as an overhead support. An activity that tests one’s sense of balance, muscle co-ordination and body awareness.

Plank Walk

Plank Walk in Cherai

This is an adventure that tests one’s sense of balance mentally and physically, crossing a stretch of longitudinally aligned wooden planks tethered to a rope bridge over the backwater.

Tyre Walk

Tyre Walk in cherai

Another test of physical and mental balance that involves stepping over rubber tyres tethered to a rope bridge. Can be tricky and interesting as well, gingerly steeping over the slightly wobbly, rubber edges of the tyres where you can see the ground beneath your feet.

Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge in cherai

Also known as a suspension bridge, rope bridge or a hanging bridge in which the deck of the bridge lies on load bearing cables anchored at both ends. Seemingly precarious adventure traversing the distance across the bridge, but safe. Superlative views are an added incentive.