Set beside a serene stretch of scenic backwater and the beach in Kuzhupilly, Cherai, the Indriya Adventure Park is a part of the Indriya Group of Hotels and Resorts. Also situated beside Indriya Sands, guests at the park get to experience a diverse set of adventure activities staged on a high wire and water sports on the backwater, both, conducted by professionally trained staff and supported with the latest in safety equipment.

At a height of 50ft, on a rectangular circuit, guests attempt a set of four stage challenges on zip lines, rope and glass bridges stretched out over 750 meters across the water and connected to five towers. Climbing the first tower they are first launched on a two stage ride on a pair of zip lines. Trained personnel strap a participant into a safety harness that is connected to an overhead cable with a pulley. You slide along the cable over the water to the second tower. At the second tower you dismount to be harnessed to a safety line and climb on a bicycle that is tethered to an overhead cable and ride a distance along another cable strung beneath. The challenge and the accompanying thrill here is to be able to maintain one’s own and the bicycle’s balance on the cable and riding high above the water to the third tower, holding one’s nerve through it all. On reaching the third tower you dismount the bicycle to step into your next adventure. This involves crossing a stretch over the backwater across a rope bridge featuring two challenges that once again test one’s sense of balance mentally and physically, a stretch of longitudinally aligned planks tethered to retaining ropes and then a stretch across rubber tyres. Reaching the fourth tower the final stretch is relatively simple. Release your harness and cross a glass bridge. The sand beneath your feet is visible and sunsets over the Arabian Sea to the west are special should a guest chose a late afternoon to attempt the challenges.

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The backwater at the Indriya Adventure Park is brackish and serene, the surrounding landscape picturesque. Guests step up, across the water’s edge onto a floating bridge, an entirely safe and delightful experience. There are water cycles too, a country boat to row or else a Kayak, a small narrow boat, pointed at both ends. Experience living in a shoal tent or simply float across the water on a stand up paddle raft.

Indriya Sands Adventure Park - Adventure sports in Kerala

Groups of travellers in a caravan could park in our Caravan Park or else camp on the beach. The management will provide tents and catering if required. Guests get to use the toilets and washrooms at the adventure park besides availing of the restaurant and swimming pool at Indriya Sands. Camping on the beach is indeed a memorable experience, lulled by the sound of waves - serene and seductive with spectacular sunsets and magical nights.

Guests could also opt to stay in our tent camp set on rafts on the backwater and on the beach as well. Guests get to avail of the restaurant and swimming pool at Indriya Sands besides the toilets and washrooms at the adventure park.