Water Sports Activities

Floating Bridge

Indriya Sands Adventure Park - flaoting bridge cherai, kerala

Extending 500 meters over the backwater this is essentially a pontoon bridge over a type of air tight device used to add buoyancy to a structure making them water resistant and unsinkable. Situated at the edge of the backwater, a seemingly unsteady nevertheless safe walkway over the water.

Surfing (Stand Up Paddling)

water surfing in Kerala

A raft shaped like a surf board that serves as a platform laid on the water and a participant steps onto the raft with a paddle and standing up attempts to paddle the raft across the backwater. A test of body balance and dexterity and a learner’s introduction to beach surfing.

Water Cycle

water cycling in Kuzhupilly, Cherai, Kerala

Quaint attraction at the park, a watercraft also known as a ‘Pedalo’ is powered by the action of a solo guest pedalling in order to turn a paddle wheel and the direction controlled by handlebars. Particularly suited to calm backwaters.


kayaking in Cherai, kuzhuppily, Kerala

A narrow single seater boat that is light with tapered ends, where one uses a double - bladed paddle to row across the scenic backwater. The boat features an enclosed seat with an opening in which the paddler sits with the legs extended straight out in front.

Rain Dance

rain dance in cherai kerala, Kuzhupilly, Cherai

After the exertions of the day, or if you’re simply in the mood to party, ideal to cool off beside the backwater, under an array of overhead showers that simulate rain, grooving to the latest beats under coloured lights. When your feet want to dance, your heart choses the rain.

Pedal Boat

Indriya Sands Adventure Park - pedal boating in Cherai, Kerala

Similar in operating principle to a water cycle, a pedal boat is a twin or four seater boat that is propelled by the action of foot pedals connected to a propeller that in turn enables the boat to move in a chosen direction controlling a rudder at the rear.

Country Boat

country boat Kuzhupilly, Cherai, Kerala

A boat made of wood and rowed by a set of oars, the boat ride may be experienced alone or with a group, all that one requires is a strong pair of hands to man the oars or else row in tandem with a companion.